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Carol Ralefeta

Pen 2 Paper 
my love for writing

I stay in touch through my writing so make sure you visit "Divas Dayswhich is my blog on this site. I am also a columnist for THE WITNESS newspaper in Kwa Zulu Natal and do freelance writing for various publications, you're welcome to have a look at my stuff on "Pen2Paper".

  Use My Voice  

I'm an experienced Voice Over Artist and have done tons of radio and tv ads; corporate and training videos as well as TV continuity and Internet pop-ups.

  Giving Back  

I love children and I am a patron of a charity that helps rehabilitate abused and neglected children in the greater Jozi area.

Take a minute and enjoy my playground :-) 

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welcome... to my world Honey Bees.

 Radio is my first love! 

I am a radio presenter on Durban's Number 1 Hit Music Station in Kwa Zulu Natal South Africa.

I invite you all to tune-in to
East Coast Radio 94.95
(streaming on
"KIA NEW 40 (Top 40 chart show)
and The Carol Ralefeta Show"

Saturday and Sunday mornings from 10am to 2pm

MC for your event 
"I got this"

No matter what your message, or who your audience is, I'm able to deliver it in a fun, vibey and professional way.

  Get Made-Up...  
Bat those lashes"

I like to make people look fly and own my own make-up agency. So next time you walk down the aisle, celebrate a matric dance or strut what yo' mamma gave you on the ramp, holla at your girl and I'll send my Divas to ensure you look fabulous.

Carol Ralefeta
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